The main product of our company is the Fáraó safety door. The Fáraó safety entrance door is locking at 12 points and suitable for dwellings, offices and counter halls; everywhere, where representative areas or buildings are to be locked surely. The aesthetic execution of the Fáraó safety doors is reached by wood surface, the metal fitting is not visible when the door is closed. The installation of the door is also possible later in all usual wall constructions and supplied with copper tuerklinke and wide angle looking hole.

Technical characteristics:

  • Door frame and plate are framed by a 2mm thick curved steel plate profile.
  • The doorplate is taken off on their entire surface of a 2mm thick steel plate and they are strengthened from the inside by a tubing profile of the size of 40x40x2 mm.
  • The central lock hides itself behind the steel plate, and steers 2 additional blocking bars. On the hinge side of the door are inserted to 5 steel seaweeds, which lock with the locking of the door.
  • The comfortable and loudless operation is assured by ball pivots, which were built in the hinges.

Certificates: The Fáraó safety door has the relevant Hungarian quality certificate MABISZ and could be an element of the comprehensive mechanical safety system.
Classification: Safety door of the category I. It fulfills the technical and safety-relevant requirements of the class 5 of the standards MSZ ENV 1627, 163.

The MABISZ certificate can be downloaded from this link, or click to the picture above.